Save Even More Time with Custom Cut Fashion-FILM

If you order any custom cut designs made from Stahls’ CAD-CUT® Fashion-FILM® heat transfer material, you’re about to save some time.

Newly enhanced Fashion-FILM now applies in just 15 seconds and peels hot, saving you application time and the wait for the application to cool. Even more time is saved on two-color applications – just use your heat press to tack down the base layer for 2 seconds, then apply the top layer. Time saved is money saved, and Fashion-FILM will save you both.

In addition to the new application process, the color options for Fashion-FILM have been expanded.  This means new colors and quicker application with the same great lightweight feel and soft hand.

So, whether you’re ordering Fashion-FILM in custom cut CAD-CUT designs, Pre-Spaced Letters and Numbers, or Any Word. Any Way.™ customized text, you’ll get the same qualities you know and love with quicker and easier application.


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