A Trick Up the NBA’s Sleeves

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

[Image from http://www.nba/com]

Last week the NBA unveiled new special event jerseys for the 10 teams playing on Christmas day. Breaking with the traditional tank top style associated with basketball, these BIG Logo jerseys (as the NBA has dubbed them) have sleeves and feature an extra-large reflective chrome two-tone logo. The front player number has been moved to the left sleeve, leaving the logo front and center.

Adidas, the jersey’s manufacturer, is aiming to accommodate fans who want to wear the jerseys of their favorite players but find that tank tops might not be suitable attire for all situations.

The good news is that if this look catches on, there will certainly be more space available for decorating each jersey with letters and numbers, full color digital logos, and more.

The ten teams that will be wearing the jerseys on December 25th  are the Bulls, Nets, Thunder, Knicks, Heat, Lakers, Rockets, Spurs, Clippers, and Warriors.


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