The Most Wonderful Personalized Gifts

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

It’s almost December, and that means it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or, if you prefer, the hap-happiest season of all. And, as the song says,

There’ll be letters for hoodies
And designs for booties
Protecting little toes from the snow
There’ll be cases for gadgets,
Knick-knacks in baskets,
And a family history throw

Ok, so Andy Williams didn’t sing it that way, but I do – at least when I’m singing about Stahls’ top ten personalized holiday gift ideas.

Personalized gifts are a great way for your customers to give gifts that are unique and, as the word suggests, personal. With the many options available with heat printing, it’s easy to create a unique gift for everybody on your customers’ lists.

So, as the weather gets colder, fire up your heat press and create gifts that are sure to be remembered. Here are some ideas to get you started, courtesy of the Jackson family.

1. Family Tree Blanket

Material: Cotton/Poly Blend
Decorated with: Stahls’ CAD-CUT® Fashion-FILM® (Columbia, Black)

The Jackson kids got together and had this blanket, with each grandchild’s name, made for their parents. Cut a tree and the leaves’ names with a vinyl cutter, or order a custom-cut tree and pre-spaced names.

2. Tablet Cover

Material: Neoprene
Decorated with: CAD-CUT® Fashion-FILM® Electric (Magenta)

Mrs. Jackson gave this to her grandson, Michael, who has it all, but needs to protect it. Michael’s already had Cousin Harry break a couple of his tablet computers through careless use. A practical gift that’s sure to be used (and appreciated).

3. Apron

Material: Cotton/Poly Blend
Decorated with: Fashion-FILM® Metallic II (Orange), Fashion-FILM (Black)

Backyard warriors need protection from stray ingredients, too. This apron lets Cousin Harry fire up the grill without ruining his favorite hoodie.


4. Hoodie

Material: 100% Cotton
Decorated with: Pre-Sewn Distressed Letters (Gray/Black)

Speaking of Cousin Harry’s favorite hoodie, who knew he got that for Christmas, too? Truth is, this fashionably distressed sweatshirt was actually given to his son, Harold Jr., but Harry liked it so much he swiped it for himself. Distressed designs are hot these days, and the owner’s last name emblazoned across a hoodie’s back helps keep straight who the owner is (unless Harry’s nearby).

Pre-Sewn Distressed Letters apply with just a heat press – no sewing required. For an embroidered design, try Any Word. Any Way.™ Distressed Appliqué.

5. Golf Towel

Material: 100% Cotton
Decorated with: CAD-CUT® Flock II (Indigo Blue)

Grandpa Bill loves to golf, and this gift from the grandkids allows him to play with pride. Not only does it show how much the kids love him, it displays their incredible taste in gifts (inherited from him, of course).

Similar towels can be created for all sorts of sports using a vinyl cutter, or with pre-cut letters and a clip art design.

6. Stadium Blanket

Material: 100% Woven Nylon
Decorated with: CAD-PRINTZ® Solutions® Opaque Text Effects (Plaid Fill Effect)

Now Bert and Flora Jackson can stay warm cheering on Madison High School’s football team (and their son, Austin, the team’s placekicker).

7. Robe

Material: 100% Cotton
Decorated with: Flock 2-Color Pre-Cut Letters (Pale Blue, Navy)

Now son-in-law Ken Martin (a Jackson by marriage) can stay warm when heading for his nightly bath (Ken’s old-fashioned that way). This monogrammed robe lends a bit of elegance to his nightly ritual, and keeps Harry from stealing Ken’s robe (again!) the next time he comes to visit.

8. Pajama Pants

Material: 100% Cotton
Decorated with: Felt Pre-Cut Letters (Cream), Pre-Sewn Distressed Letters (Natural)

Young Laura is quite the swimmer, and gets to show off her talent and her school pride with these pajama pants. The other girls on the school’s swim team will be jealous. Ma Jackson has officially forbidden Laura from wearing pajamas shopping, though.

9. Boots/Slippers

Material: 100% Cotton
Decorated with: Flock Pre-Cut Letters, Rhinestone Transfers, CAD-CUT Glitter Flake

Perfect for little Katie, who likes to lounge around in style, these boots will keep her feet warm with a touch of pizzazz.

10. Basket

Material: Cordura®
Decorated with: CAD-PRINTZ Solutions Opaque Text Effects (Zebra Fill Effect)

Kristin tends to lose things and hates when her dad, Harry, takes her stuff, so Grandma Jackson thought this would be the perfect gift. It allows Kristin to keep things organized, and clearly labels them as hers with a cool zebra print.

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  1. Hi Krista,

    Those particular boots are from Boxercraft®, a spiritwear supplier. You may want to look online and in local shops to find similar boots. Thanks for the comment, and if you have any other personalized gift ideas, please share them!

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