Decorate Mesh Hats Using the 360 IQ Hat Press

Without a doubt, the Hotronix® 360 IQ® Hat Heat Press is one of our most innovative pieces of equipment to hit the market. Like the name suggests, “360” implies decoration anywhere on/around the hat. So why only stick to the front panels of hats?

Trying new decoration placements can be intimidating. Certain questions may flood your head. What if it doesn’t heat apply correctly? What if I ruin a hat? You’re in luck! In the video below, Josh plays the role of a student — just like you. He tests out the heat application of one of our FlexStyle® emblems demoing how to decorate mesh hats. The outcome? Success!

Mesh Hat Application

decorate mesh hats
  1. Load the Hat
decorate mesh hats

2. Flip the Sweat Band Out

decorate mesh hats

3. Adjust to Ensure Flay Printing Area

4. Place Logo on Hat

5. Cover with Foam Pad

6. Follow Application Instructions & Apply!

7. Remove Hat from Press and Let Cool

decorate mesh hats

8. Peel Away Carrier & Viola!

decorate mesh hats

So there you have it! Another successful application using the 360 IQ. You’ll notice that zero scorching or adhesive was visible on the hat after the application process. One thing Josh mentioned in the video is important to reiterate. While testing fabrics that are prone to melting, like mesh, use the quickest amount of time possible on the application instructions. This particular product had a range of 20–30 seconds, so 20 seconds was used to prevent any sort of melting.

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