Try Before you Buy! “Ready to Heat Apply” HTV Samples!

We’re excited to announce that we recently launched several new ready to apply HTV material samples!

Stahls’ has you covered with quality materials for any job. With our wide range of HTV, you can decorate any fabric with stand-out finishes, but we’re betting there’s a material you haven’t tried yet. Is there something you’ve wanted to order but haven’t tried yet?

It’s time to branch out! The new Ready to Apply HTV samples are the perfect way to try before you buy and check out new materials that you haven’t tried yet. You can touch and feel any HTV finish for yourself! Try them out!

You’ll receive the following:

  • Product overview information and application instructions
  • Heat transfer design that’s cut, weeded, and ready to heat apply
  • Small cover sheet to use when heat applying
    Helpful Tip: Make sure to choose the free shipping method when placing your sample order! 

We know that when it comes to running a business, every penny is important. It’s hard to justify buying material to test out when you don’t have a job that calls for it. On the other hand, it’s difficult to branch out into new markets without being adaptable. Trying new looks and finishes will gain attention with your current customers and can lead to new market opportunities. We want your business to grow, and through these Ready to Apply HTV samples, you can expand your product offering without any initial investment on materials!

Show your customers your heat printing capabilities! Get creative with sample garments and unique placements without cutting into your inventory. Giving your customers the ability to touch and feel different materials with varying looks and finishes will set you apart from the competition. With samples on hand, you can provide a personalized ordering experience for any market!

Order your free HTV samples today!

Learn more about our free Stahls’ Ready to Apply HTV Samples in this video.

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