STAHLS' Customer Decorated Hat and Zippie with 360 IQ Hat Press

Decorate Unique Items with the 360 IQ Hat Press

We love hearing about our customer’s success stories and seeing their completed projects! If you’re not a member of our private Facebook group, Heat Press for Profit™, I highly recommend joining. It’s a great place to learn alongside fellow heat printers, get tips on how you can profit with your heat press, and stay up-to-date on all things STAHLS’!

Why am I mentioning this group? Because it’s where our team goes to see all the unique items our customers are heat pressing! We’ve been receiving a ton of feedback and photos of what our amazing customers are creating with the new Hotronix® 360 IQ® Hat Press. Don’t be fooled by the name—the 360 IQ is quickly becoming a customer favorite used to decorate more than just hats. Check out these awesome customer testimonials and projects created using a heat press originally designed for HATS! Your creativity is only limited by your imagination.

See How STAHLS’ Customers are Using the 360 IQ

The 360 IQ Hat Press is a GAME CHANGER! The ability to do FlexStyle emblems gave my business an advantage over my competition. Before this press I didn’t even attempt pressing hats because of the scorch mark problems we were having. The lower heated platen has completely eliminated that problem! Oh and it works for left chests too!

*Customer’s photo is used as main header image*

Spencer Chernoff, Limitless Branding Co.

Picture of Decorated Hats Created using the Hotronix 360 IQ Hat Press

I could have never imagined a hat press becoming so profitable in a short amount of time. The things you can achieve with this press are amazing. Well done!

Ray Wolfe, Sidemind Creations

Cannot believe it is so easy to make money with this machine! It is worth every penny!! Like anything, you do have to learn it. Amazing the different items you can decorate with it!

Craig Rohwein, Screen 13

STAHLS' Leather Patch Applied to Sherpa Blanket Using Hotronix 360 IQ Hat Press

I love my 360 press. I don’t have the annoying line on my hats anymore and I just used it to press leather patches on blankets.

Dee Don Anderson, The Stitchin Post

When I started out in my business, I had a “hand me down” hat press given to me from a family member. I wasn’t doing many hats so I figured it would work fine for the occasional job. Boy was I wrong! I can’t tell you how many hats I ruined fighting that old press. I took the plunge and bought the 360 this summer and it has changed my work life!! Now I love doing hats! And it works great for face masks too!

Lora Pellman, As You Wish Designs

These are just some of the outside-the-box ways our customers have been using the new 360 IQ® Hat Press. From hats and beanies, to blankets, left chest logos, face masks, and more, the decorating possibilities are nearly endless when you have a heat press as great as this. If you’re just getting started in the heat printing business and are interested in decorating hats, check out this blog post.

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