custom face masks being heat applied with Cad-Cut Metallic

Customize Face Masks with Only a Heat Press

Grow more profits with add-on sales of custom face masks

Custom face mask being shown after heat application using Cad-Cut Glitter Flake.
Personalize your face mask using Cad-Cut Glitter Flake for a specialty finish

Globally, face masks are the new normal. If you’re already heat pressing custom apparel for customers, think of face masks as another way to add-on more profits and create brand awareness. Set yourself apart from traditional disposable face masks. Create effectively decorated face masks that are safe and reusable to wear.

Here are some tips to consider when creating custom face masks.

Tip #1 The Heat Press materials and transfers being used are key

The last thing you want to do during a pandemic is apply a material that is harmful to breathe in. STAHLS’ has you covered. We offer a wide range of HTV that are CPSIA compliant to ensure the safety of our customers.

Tip #2 Custom Face Masks lead to endless possibilities

The sky is the limit! STAHLS’ offers a lot of HTV materials that can be layered or applied as mixed media. Additionally, CAD-PRINTZ® Full-Color Logos is a great solution to add a personalized logo to a mask. For large quantity jobs, we recommend using screen printed transfers from Transfer Express®.

Tip #3 Don’t forget to use the correct Heat Press accessories

For custom face masks, be sure to use a Heat Press Pillow. Since face masks have lots of seams, the pillow will ensure that the seams can sink into the pillow while they’re being heat applied. By doing this, you will also have consistent pressure and ensure that the materials can’t lift up or peel off your face mask.

Tip #4 Washing made easy

Lastly, having a reusable face mask that is easy to launder and better for the environment is a win. STAHLS’ HTV materials are all recommended to be laundered in a normal wash cycle so you can enjoy your mask for 50 washes without a worry.

Watch and see how it’s done here:

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