green bomber nylon jacket with a heat transfer design on left chest

Heat Pressing Nylon Jackets

Outerwear continues its climb in popularity with apparel decorators. Heat Pressing Nylon bomber jackets are a noticeable trend in the apparel decorating industry and the overall outerwear niche.

Most people picture a bomber jacket as a heavier, leather jacket cinched at the sleeves and waist. While this is the traditional look, the trendier, lightweight option is a big hit among apparel decorators. Using a heat press is a great way to create looks that your customers will crave.

Heat pressing Nylon jackets can be tricky, but don’t let that deter you. Make sure the material you decorate it with works well with the fabric of the jacket. But what material should you use? The answer to this question is to use a material that was specifically made to adhere to nylon. That material is CAD-CUT® GORILLA GRIP® II heat transfer vinyl . GORILLA GRIP® II has a semi-matte finish and is lightweight making it perfect for nylon bomber jackets.

Here, this video that shows you exactly how to heat press a nylon bomber jacket with CAD-CUT® GORILLA GRIP® II:

Lastly, you’ve learned that Nylon can be tricky to work with. The key to success is using the right HTV with your fabric choice. Download this free Ultimate Guide to Fabric Types eBook and learn the best practices for heat printing on fabrics, including which materials should not be printed on. Now you’re ready to tackle anything!

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    Nylon is a very breathable material. Enjoy the benefits of this water-resistant, moisture-wicking product without being weighed down by a heavy jacket. This allows athletes to work out in nylon without worrying about getting too hot. A nylon jacket would be perfect for a run outside on a cool, crisp, fall day.

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