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A Team Effort: Pre-Spaced with Pre-Cuts Heat Press Numbers

With all the letter and number options available from STAHLS’ it’s easy to combine HTV Letters & Numbers and Pre-Spaced Heat Press Numbers & Letters to create a winning number team. Several pre-spaced fonts show modified versions of STAHLS’ most popular pre-cut fonts by combining the two. Easily create eye-catching two and three-color numbers.

Fade and Pinstripe Pre-Spaced Heat Press Numbers
Fade and Pinstripe Pre-Spaced Heat Press Numbers

Layering Heat Press Numbers for Unique Effects

Team US and Varsity fonts are available in fade and pinstripe pre-spaced styles. Simply place an HTV Number as a background, with a corresponding fade or pinstripe font as the foreground, for cool new number effects. In this example, black Varsity pre-cut numbers are used as a background, while orange Varsity Fade pre-spaced heat press numbers are the foreground. A similar effect can be achieved by pairing Titan pre-cuts with Titan Stenciled or Titan Striped pre-spaced numbers.

Besides pinstripe and fade, pre-cuts can pair with gap outline pre-spaced numbers. Gap outline Pro Block, Team US, and Varsity fonts are available in pre-spaced numbers. Create a three-color effect by removing the center digit from a gap outline pre-spaced number and aligning a corresponding pre-cut number.

See How it Works

For instance, the black jersey has a gap outline which helps create a three-color look.

Gap Outline Pre-Spaced Heat Press Number

See it in action! Watch how to combine Pre-Spaced Heat Press Numbers & Letters and HTV Letters & Numbers with just a heat press.

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