Campus News: Fanny Packs are Back!

by Bella B., Campus Correspondent

Matthew McConaughey thinks fanny packs are cool.
Alright, alright, alright! Matthew McConaughey proudly wears his fanny pack.
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We’ve had some fairly bizarre trends through the past years (I, myself have only experienced the odd ones from the 90’s). Like overalls with the one strap down, mood rings, bike shorts being a fashion statement, terry cloth wristbands and headbands, neon windbreakers, solid T-shirts under blazers, slap bracelets, and the fanny pack. Some of these fads have tried to come back in style but have failed. But over the past two years I have seen the fanny pack come back.

The fanny pack is becoming a popular accessory for sports fans. At tailgates many girls will wear them, having them decorated with their sorority name, school name, or a monogram. This is not just limited to female sports fans; even Matthew McConaughey is doing it!


WMU Fanny Pack with Gold Glitter Flake Pre-Cuts
Bella’s WMU fanny pack, decorated with Gold Glitter Flake™ pre-cut letters.

If you’re near a college campus, customized fanny packs could be a great new item to sell. Stahls’ offers a large variety of heat transfer materials that would complement a fanny pack of any color, plus pre-cut letters and numbers make it easy to customize with just a heat press.

I recently made my own fanny pack with my school’s initials using pre-cut Glitter Flake™ letters. So give fanny pack personalization a try. Sports fans, sorority members, and maybe even Matthew McConaughey will appreciate it!



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