Reflect Your Style Sense with CAD-CUT Reflective

by Bella B., Campus Correspondent

One big pattern I’ve seen on campus this year is the use of athletic wear: athletic shorts, T-shirts for teams, leggings, tennis shoes,  running jackets and even professional jerseys. I decided I should hop on the bandwagon and add some spice to my athletic wear.

Since it’s getting colder I chose to heat print a polyester quarter zip I bought a while back. I wanted to go with a simpler design in one of my favorite materials, Reflective!

Stahls’ CAD-CUT® Reflective heat transfer material is easy to cut and heat press and looks great on athletic and safety wear. It is recommended for cotton, polyester, nylon, and Cordura® fabrics.

Equipment Used: Roland® GX-24 vinyl cutter and Hotronix® Auto Clam heat press (I cut “WMU” over the summer at Stahls’ using CadworxLIVE® and a Roland GX-24 Vinyl Cutter)

Supplies: “WMU” CAD-CUT Reflective heat transfer design, Kraft Paper Cover Sheet and Print Perfect Pad

Step 1: While letting the heat press warm up, look up application instructions on for Reflective (the instructions can be found on the Reflective page and in the Help and Education section).

Time: 2 Seconds, peel warm, cover and seal 15 seconds
Temp: 330°F/165°C
Pressure: Medium

Step 2: Dress the lower platen with the quarter zip. Make sure that it is centered on the platen.

Step 3: Pre-heat the quarter zip. This small step will remove moisture and wrinkles from the garment.

Step 4: Insert a Print Perfect Pad where the design will be printed – the Print Perfect Pad only has to to be as big as the design. It will elevate your design above buttons, seams, and, in this case, the zipper, to get even pressure.

Step 5: Line “WMU” up on the quarter zip. I chose to put it in the middle between the shoulder blades, but with something this small you could place it other places as well, including on the arm, left chest, the front bottom right corner etc. The ideas truly are endless.

Step 6: Once “WMU” is centered on the quarter zip, make sure it was completely on the Print Perfect Pad, place a Kraft Paper Cover Sheet on top of the quarter zip, and close the heat press.

Step 7: After 2 seconds peel off the frosted carrier, put the cover sheet back on, and heat press it for an additional 15 seconds.

Step 8:  Remove the quarter zip from the heat press and show it off to the world!

If anyone has ever wanted to try and make something but did not have the time or is afraid it wouldn’t work out I am always up for suggestions or ideas for blogs.



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