Accessories Make the Heat Printer

by Bella B., Campus Correspondent

Ensure great results by using the proper accessories.

Stahls’ offers many heat press accessories that can help you make and sell high-quality products to your customers.

Reusable 6-mil Cover Sheet: This reusable sheet will protect the upper platen of your heat press from ink transferring onto it and give heat transfer material a semi-glossy finish.

Kraft Paper Cover Sheet:  This cover sheet is also reusable although its lifespan is shorter than the Reusable Cover Sheet. Use the Kraft Paper Cover Sheet when you are looking for a matte finish on your design. Great for pre-cut letters and numbers as well as SimStitch® no-sew twill products.

Flexible Application Pad: This accessory is great to use instead of a cover sheet for when you are heat applying on heat-sensitive items like nylon. Make sure to increase the application time when using this pad, as the heat will take slightly longer to get to your transfer.

Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector: A fitted non-stick cover that slips over the bottom heat press platen. It allows you to quickly and easily fit garments on the lower platen and reduces the wear and tear on your heat press.

Heat Press Upper Platen Cover: Protects your upper platen from ink, adhesive, and other residue. By doing this you are also protecting these things from transferring onto other garments.

Print Perfect Pads: These pads are great for when you are trying to heat press around buttons, zippers, seams, pockets and any other elevated areas on the garment.  The print perfect pad elevates the area you’re printing, providing a solid surface and even pressure.

Heat Press Pillow: This reusable ¾” pillow is coated with a non-stick finish and prevents marks on transfers and lettering. Great for V-necks and near zippers, buttons, or seams. Also great for heat printing mesh and reversible jerseys.

Heat Eraser: Like the name says, it helps “erase” the heat on you recently pressed garments, making it especially useful for cooling down cold peel applications.

Aside from ordering individually, you can purchase the Heat Press Accessory Kit, which includes a Reusable Cover Sheet, 25 Kraft Paper Cover Sheets, a 3.5 x 15″ Print Perfect pad, and a Heat Eraser.

These tools are helpful for any heat printing operation and allow you to give your customers the best products possible!


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