5 Ways to Decorate with Vertical Text

by Bella B., Campus Correspondent

Decorate with Pre-Spaced Vertical TextOne product Stahls’ offers, that I believe doesn’t get enough praise, is Pre-Spaced Vertical Text. Here are 5 quick, simple ways to use this product.

1. A popular use is having vertical text lined down the back of a billboard shirt. This look is unique, simple, and very cool all at the same time. Vertical Text can also be used many other ways to create unique looks for fan wear.

2. Last year I decorated a pair of cropped leggings with “WMU” vertically down the right leg. I originally saw the look at another school and wanted to make my own version. Now a local store is selling leggings both cropped and long with the same vertical text idea.

3. Another popular look is vertical text is down the sleeve. In the fall I love to wear vests and scarves to my boyfriend’s football games, but the vest always covers up most of the shirt. With vertical text down the arm I can still dress cute and be a fan.

4. For those colder fall days and nights, use vertical text to decorate a scarf or down the spine of a jacket. The scarf would be popular with females and the jacket would be popular among both males and females.

5. One final and easy idea for vertical text is down the sides of socks. Mid calf/knee high socks are coming back. Almost every college student I see at school events is wearing them with tennis shoes or sneakers. Easily print multiple socks at once by laying them on a larger heat press platen.

Vertical text is simple, easy to apply, and gives garments a different look that fans will love. Where have you heat applied vertical text? Did you use it for fan wear? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


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