You Don’t Have to Be an Artist with Great Garment Graphics

by Jodi Weiler, Marketing


October is the month of haunted houses, goblins, and ghouls, but we don’t want you to get spooked by artwork creation.

At Great Garment Graphics, we know that art creation is one of your biggest challenges, so we are hosting a monthlong series offering you a number of options if you are not an artist. Maybe you are just starting your business, or you may have an already established your business and have artists on hand, but whatever your artwork situation, Great Garment Graphics is offering up free webinars the entire month of October focusing on solving all of your artwork dilemmas.

The month will kick off with a webinar on how to create sew files using TwillStitchPro Plus™, followed by tips on how to vectorize or digitize that .jpg or .gif  image your customer handed you. Stahls’ Transfer Express® will also host a webinar with tips and tricks on how to create art for screen printed transfers. If you are a customer of any of the GroupeSTAHL divisions and aren’t utilizing to create your artwork, give yourself a Halloween treat by attending the session that will show you how to use this free online design tool available to you. Finally, learn how to use another free design tool, Stahls’ Any Word. Any Way.™ custom text designer, to create custom designs without custom setup charges. The options are potentially limitless with this tool, and you learn how to create a plethora of sew and no-sew text designs to offer your customers and simplify your life.

Don’t be scared! Check out the full schedule, register today  for a free webinar, and chase away that artwork ghost that’s been creeping around your business.


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  1. Pls do you have classes I can attend to learn. I live in Maryland and I will really love to learn how to heatpress.

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