Tiny Feet Take the Soccer Field

by Andrea Pietrowsky, Marketing

While it’s not America’s favorite pastime, soccer is a growing sport and one of the most frequently played youth sports in the United States. Just last year, more than 780,000 high school athletes participated in organized soccer. The sport is growing among all ages and has an ever-increasing fan base too.

There’s a strange phenomenon taking place in my community. Every Saturday morning a league of tiny toddlers (mine included) takes a local soccer field in their red and white reversible jerseys. Up with the sunrise, these well-rested, miniature players are eager to run and “play soccer”. As you can imagine, it’s really something to see.

They’re building a love for soccer and some of the skills too but at this age, it’s not really about soccer. It’s about running, learning to pay attention, taking turns and occasionally kicking that ball into the net. Most importantly, it’s about making friends, being part of a team, and enjoying snacks at the end of an exhilarating game.

To make the game official and even more exciting, each player has a uniform of their own and their very own number. Equipped with a reversible jersey, these teams are ready for a match at any time.

Notice the clean, crisp white numbers on these player’s tiny, red polyester jerseys? That’s Stahls’ CAD-CUT® Thermo-FILM® heat transfer material doing its job resisting dye migration for some of the roughest little players.

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