Have You Tried Woven Patches Yet?

Have you tried woven patches yet? Now is the perfect time! STAHLS’ Woven Patches combine intricate designs with a classic woven texture, making them ideal for detailed artwork and small text. With a wide range of thread colors and options for heat-applied or pressure-sensitive adhesive backings, these patches are versatile and durable. Elevate your brand with the polished, professional look of woven patches.

Elevate Your Brand with Woven Patches

Woven Patches are a fantastic way to add a high-end and professional touch to your apparel and accessories. Unlike Embroidered Patches, Woven Patches can capture small details, making them ideal for complex logos, intricate artwork, and fine text. This makes them perfect for businesses and brands that want to maintain a high level of detail and quality in their branding.

Key Features:

  • Intricate Designs: Perfect for detailed artwork and small text.
  • Thread Colors: Choose from 63 thread colors, with up to 6 colors per patch.
  • Application Options: Available in heat seal and pressure-sensitive (sticker) adhesives.
  • Stitched Borders: Each patch includes a neatly stitched border for a polished finish.
  • Durability: Withstand up to 50 wash cycles.

Woven vs. Embroidered Patches: Which Is Right for You?

When deciding between Woven and Embroidered Patches, it’s important to consider the specific needs and aesthetics of your project.

Woven Patches are ideal for intricate designs and fine details. The weaving process allows for more precision, making them perfect for logos with small text or complex artwork. They offer a smooth, flat surface and can incorporate up to six colors per patch, providing a polished, professional look.

Embroidered Patches provide a classic, textured appearance. They are excellent for bold, simple designs with larger text and shapes. The raised threads add dimension and a tactile quality that stands out on various fabrics.

embroidered patches vs woven patches

Note: The photo above shows the old border type. For the new and improved border, please refer to the additional photos in this post.

Both options are versatile and durable, allowing you to choose the best fit based on your design complexity and desired finish. Whether you prefer the detailed precision of Woven Patches or the traditional feel of Embroidered Patches, STAHLS’ has you covered. To see the difference in person, order a free sample pack!

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