Embroidered Patches With Only a Heat Press!

A thread and needle is one of the most trusted methods of decorating apparel. Embroidery adds value to a garment, but it also takes time, effort, and expensive equipment. Many heat printers outsource their embroidery because it’s not justifiable to invest in everything needed to produce custom embroidered patches. So, they let someone else do the work. But with the delays in production and shipping that are everywhere these days, it’s becoming more apparent that heat printers are turning away embroidery orders altogether. Those days are over! STAHLS’ Embroidered Patches allow you to capitalize on the embroidery trend without sacrificing your time or budget.

We are always here to help you say yes to more orders, more profit, and more challenges. We want to create confident, capable apparel decorators who aren’t limited in their ability. The most important piece of equipment is a heat press, so we offer fully embroidered custom patches that you can heat apply without ever threading a needle.

Send us your artwork and we’ll create the patches with either heat applied for fabric or pressure sensitive adhesive for hard goods. Our patches are available in up to 6 thread colors, as either traditional embroidery or raised 3D. Using these embroidered patches and your heat press is the perfect way to add custom embroidery to your apparel decoration. Elevate customer branding with bold, high-end embroidered finishes that add value to any item they are applied to.

Customer Spotlight

Feedback from our customers is so important, and we absolutely LOVE seeing what you create! To help you get inspired and illustrate what you can do with our custom embroidered patches, here are a few examples of what customers are making. These customers have taken embroidered patches to the next level. Check out what LeShay Weaver, Ginny Perry- Newman, and Randy Holcomb have done with embroidered patches!  

Special thanks to Bearded Elephant Custom Apparel, On Wednesdays We Wear Pink, and Designs by Randy for sharing their creations with us! Keep up the great work! Click on the images to go directly to their Facebook pages to see more decorated apparel! Be sure to give them a like!

Want to learn more? Watch this video to see how a STAHLS’ Ambassador and experienced embroiderer used embroidered patches to complete a 200-piece hat order with ease!

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10 thoughts on “Embroidered Patches With Only a Heat Press!”

  1. I’d love to be able to sell these to my customers, but I just contacted customer service to get a couple heat applied samples and they informed me that they don’t have any. It’s kinda tough to sell them without samples.

  2. Hi Dean. Sorry for the confusion. You can order the Emblems & Patches sample pack which has both pressure sensitive samples to apply to hard goods, as well as samples that can be heat applied. This way you can show customers a variety of items you can decorate. Thanks for reaching out!

  3. Looking for a selection and price guide for our custom embroidered patches. Also, how to order sample packs of the patches. Could be a workable solution for me and my small business

  4. Hey
    I need some help regarding screen printing some of my designs related to gents. Still looking for help i really appreciate your reply and effort

  5. Looking for a selection and price guide for our custom embroidered patches. Also, how to order sample packs of the patches. Could be a workable solution for me and my small business. Thanks

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