Winter Classic Name and Number Kits

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

2012 NHL Winter Classic Jerseys

Sports are full of tradition, few more so than hockey.  From the highest ranks of professional hockey down to adult fans  there is a romanticism behind pick-up games of shinny played on ponds, farms, and backyard rinks despite frigid temperatures, inadequate equipment, and, quite often, darkness. That is one reason behind the success of the Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic®, the National Hockey League’s annual outdoor game.

This season’s version, to be played January 2, 2012 at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Ballpark, features the host Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers.  Both teams have unveiled their Winter Classic uniforms, which are, as usual, hot sellers. Since the inception of the annual outdoor game in 2008, teams have donned special jerseys for the event.  These jerseys have typically been “throwback” uniforms, but the recent trend has been toward old-fashioned looking jerseys which teams never actually wore, but which combine design elements from past uniforms. The designs for this year’s game follow this course, with each incorporating a “vintage” off-white, giving them an older, more worn look.

Philadelphia’s jersey is classic Flyer orange with black and white striping and black shoulders. The familiar Flyers logo adorns the front of the sweater, while on the back an off-white name bar features player names in black lettering, as well as black numbers outlined in off-white.

The Rangers’ sweater is vintage white with blue shoulders and red and blue striping. The jersey’s crest is inspired by the team’s original 1926 logo.

Both of the jerseys feature vintage-inspired neck laces and a Winter Classic shoulder patch.

Each jersey has received positive reviews and strong sales are expected. To help you personalize them, replica name and number kits for the Winter Classic jerseys are now available from Stahls’ ID Direct. Simply select “Winter Classic 11/12” in the jersey type drop-down menu when ordering your kit – and don’t forget that a twill name bar must also be ordered for Flyers jerseys.  Each kit includes an acrylic felt player name, number, sleeve number, and “C” or “A” (captain or alternate) where applicable, and can be applied with a heat press, then sewn for permanent application. Please note that these are replica kits – colors may differ slightly from the on-ice version.

With the widespread popularity of the Winter Classic and associated merchandise, the NHL surely has a new tradition to add to its list.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Classic Name and Number Kits”

  1. I was wondering if you sell just the “A” or “C” patches only? I have a Giroux winter classic jersey and it came without a letter on it. Thanks.

  2. Yes Evange, you can get Captain/Alternate patches by themselves. Just go to the Official NHL®/NHLPA® Player Kit page and click “Order Now.”

    After logging in, select “Order A’s & C’s” on the ordering page then select the Philadelphia Flyers from the team name dropdown and “Winter Classic 11/12” from the Jersey Type dropdown. Then select the A or C you would like to order and the quantity.

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