Transfer Papers Compared

By Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Paper is good for a lot of things. Since the ancient Egyptians first began writing on papyrus over 5000 years ago, paper has seen a million improvements and been used for everything from airplanes, to lanterns, to gift wrap. Maybe you thought that the incredible variety of paper types stopped at canary yellow copy paper or fly paper. Watch the video below and you’ll find out how paper can also be used for garment decoration.

In this video Juliet Kalmeta of Stahls’ demonstrates the top five varieties of printable transfer paper in the market today, and how each is applied. Need a transfer paper, but aren’t sure which to use? You’ll learn the appropriate color and fabric types for each transfer paper, how to print them, and how each is applied with a heat press.  Inkjet heat transfer papers Inktra™, Inktra Stretch, and InkTra Opaque are covered, as well as laser transfer papers SC Premium™ and ExactPrint™.

Once you’re armed with all of this information, head on over to the Stahls’ website where, as luck would have it, transfer papers are 15% off through December.

So, watch this informative video, then save some money (which is also printed on paper, by the way).

Video: Transfer Paper Comparison

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4 thoughts on “Transfer Papers Compared”

  1. Hi and what sort of ink to be use in a epson1430 inkjet printer to priny on a Inktra. or inktra opaque transfer paper.
    Thank you and looking forward hearing from you

  2. Hi Toloa,

    We recommend using compatible ink jet cartridge from the manufacturer of the ink jet printer. If available, use a transfer paper print profile found within the printers print options; commonly found under ‘paper type’.

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