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5 Reasons We Love the EZ Weeding Table (And You Should, Too!)

by Danielle Petroskey, Marketing

HP-EZWdngTbl2You’re probably wondering, ‘What is this Stahls’ EZ Weeding™ Table you love so much”? In simple terms, it’s a heated table designed specifically for weeding hot/warm peel CAD-CUT® heat transfer materials cut on a vinyl cutter.

I know you may be thinking, “That’s nice, but why do you love it and how can it benefit me?”

We know weeding detailed designs with heat transfer vinyl can be a tedious process, especially with large jobs with multiple copies of a design. Yes, we know all about the frustration, because we weed, too, and weeding takes a little more time than we’d like. Time that we could spend doing other things, like selling more garments, finding new customers, or spending time with family and friends.

That time heads the list of why we love the EZ Weeding Table:

  1. Time Saving
  2. Saves Money
  3. Reduces Weeding Frustration
  4. Reduce Back & Neck Pain
  5. Details Matter

Save Time on Weeding Projects

While it’s no secret that heat transfer materials release from their carriers when heated, this patented table heats materials and keeps them at a consistent temperature to promote removal from the carrier. This means easier weeding with less material breakage, resulting in big time savings.

Don’t believe me? This is what Sandy F. from Stirling Promotions had to say: “We are confident that we will reduce our weeding time at least 60% overall, but on very detailed, delicate projects up to 70%.”

Three pre-programmed temperature settings – Low, Mid, and High, provide the right heat for different materials to make the weeding process as quick as possible.

Time is Money

Because this table makes the weeding process so much more efficient, it translates to a better bottom line.

As Sandy says, “Adding this piece of equipment to our business will lower our production costs, therefore allowing for more pieces per hour which goes right to the bottom line profit.”

Eliminates Frustrating Weeding Issues

As I mentioned above, we know about the frustrations of weeding thin, lightweight heat transfer vinyls. Without this table, there is usually more breakage when pulling away the material from the cavities of the design and carrier. Heating before weeding reduces the breaking and eliminates the frustrating stops and starts even on problem materials.

It’s especially useful on materials like Glitter Flake™, which tend to break more while weeding.

Reduces Potential Neck & Back Pain

I don’t know about you, but after weeding hundreds of designs while hunched over a flat table, my back and neck hurt! This table features a 20 x 36” surface area with four incline positions, making it much more ergonomic.

Attention to Detail

Our engineers have thought of everything. They rounded the edges of the table so it’s comfortable for the operator. They added a built-in storage compartment, to keep all of the tools and accessories you’ll need for weeding right at your fingertips. They’ve also added a clamp to keep heat transfer materials in place while weeding.

How about you? Do you own a Stahls’ EZ Weeding Table? What do you love about it? Tell us in the comments below.

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