Weekly Tip Jar in the Spirit of Election Day – Customized Tee

Today is an important day for US Citizens across the country.  To commemorate Election Day we’ve customized a T-shirt, because after all – that’s what we do here:)  The garment features a our CAD-CUT® Fashion Film™ heat transfer vinyl in red and blue and also CAD-CUT® Super Film™ in Black.  As you’ll see in the video, we used a cool function of the Hotronix® Fusion™ heat press, rotating the platen sideways so we could see more of the shirt from a layout standpoint.  This helped us to line everything up.  Also, you’ll notice that the font is the same throughout, however we did an offset or contour to the inside of the font for half of the shirt.  This allowed for an interesting effect and a super soft feel.

Enjoy the video and get out and vote!

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