Creating the Perfect Photo Shoot Part 3

On Guard with Joshua

by Cara Cherry

Joshua at the 2011 Photo Shoot

I’d like to introduce you to Joshua. He graduated from high school this past May. Joshua is 5′ 7″ and 145 pounds; he is very strong and well built because he is a student of Isshin-Ryu Karate. Joshua holds a green belt and has placed in national karate tournaments and even a few local tournaments. He also played football in high school.

The Stahls’ ID photo shoot was Joshua’s first modeling job. During the selection process, we chose him because of his natural sporting ability. During the shoot, he wore several different uniforms including baseball, football, and basketball. He also got to sport a hockey jersey and casual wear. Most of the uniforms that he wore featured Thermo-FILM®, the world’s #1 athletic heat transfer material in Pre-cut letters and numbers.

Joshua was also in the film club in high school. He hopes to be an actor but he is also interested in directing. His first acting job was on the television series The Wannabes which was created by Doreen Spicer who is well known for her work on various Disney shows including The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Corey in the House, and Sonny with a Chance.  The Wannabes was filmed in nearby Howell, MI. The first season has been airing in Australia since the Spring of 2010 and will be airing this Fall in the US.

Click here to view some of the images of Joshua from our photo shoot.

Please contact Productions Plus the Talent Shop for information on hiring Joshua or other talented models.

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