Keep Up With The Latest Apparel Decorating Trends

With all the new decorating technology out there here are some helpful points to think about when that next customer comes in looking for something new.

By Paul Sabatini

With more and more garments being made to be lightweight and functional you will need to think about what you can decorate with on this type of garment.  Look for materials that can be heat-applied to the garment without having the feeling of weighing it down or wearing a flak jacket.  You can find which heat transfer material is best for you at Stahls’ CAD-CUT Direct.

There are additional factors to think about with the latest trends.  When looking at color or placement there are many teams that are looking for a variety of color options or computerized graphics.  They are looking for the appearance of textures, gradients and patterns.  And when it comes to placement, there are no guidelines.  Of course you will still have the classic request for the center of the garment but now the entire garment is open for decoration.  Vertical placement, up and down sleeves or pants, sideways, and wraparound.

Having the ability to offer unique designs can also show your customer that you can offer them what the latest trends are.

Helpful selling tip:  Create samples for your displays that show that you have the ability to decorate with a variety of materials and media.  By showing just the standard options for decoration you could be losing that sale for someone looking for something different.

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