Video Recap! Decorating with Tri-Blends: The Ultimate Guide

Do you want to expand your apparel offering and learn how to decorate tri-blend fabrics without damaging the soft, lightweight feel of the garment? In a recent video, STAHLS’ TV expert Kelly Walters covered all things tri-blend related in her “ultimate guide” to decorating this highly popular fabric combination.

What is a Tri-Blend?

A tri-blend is a type of garment made up of three different materials: generally cotton, polyester, and rayon. Sometimes rayon is replaced with Lycra®, spandex, or modal. It’s important to know the material makeup of each tri-blend you’re using to help determine the best heat transfer vinyl to apply. Kelly used the STAHLS’ Marketing Kit samples to test with the different tri-blends shown in the video below. You can also order free CAD-CUT® HTV samples to show your customers the unique looks you can create.

STAHLS’ Marketing Kit

Perks of a Tri-Blend

Tri-blends are gaining popularity in the apparel decoration industry because of their attributes. By adding a third material to the mix, these garments make for enhanced comfort, strength, and durability. They’re usually softer, more resilient with less shrinking over time, and are very fashion-forward. Tri-blends are ideal for retail and athleisure markets due to their amazing feel and ability to perform. Make sure to factor in additional selling costs given the perceived value of tri-blend apparel. Also, be cautious with what materials you choose to apply to heat sensitive tri-blend fabrics.

3 Tri-Blend Types & What HTV to Use

Sport-Tek® Ladies PosiCharge® Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Raglan Tee
Style: LST400LS
Color: True Royal Heather
Attributes: Athletic shape and fit featuring rayon material for a nice drape and high-end retail feel.

CAD-CUT® Metallic
Ideal for tri-blends, CAD-CUT® Metallic applies at a low temperature and is extremely thin. Also, the unique metallic finish fits perfectly within the trendy, fashionable retail market.

District® Flex Tee
Style: DT7500
Color: Lilac
Attributes: Spandex is the third fabric in this garment, resulting in a soft, stretchy feel and fit—perfect for the athleisure market.

CAD-CUT® Premium Plus™
Premium Plus™ features a low application temperature, soft hand, and superior stretch and rebound, making it the best choice for apparel made to perform.

Allmade® Women’s Tri-Blend Tee
Style: AL2008
Color: Aluminum Grey
Attributes: This T-shirt includes modal, which is an eco-friendlier fabric alternative often used in popular high-end sustainable clothing brands.

CAD-CUT® UltraWeed™
UltraWeed™ applies as low as 260°F to prevent scorching the most heat-sensitive fabrics and is the ideal HTV for sustainable materials like modal.

Why Choose Tri-Blends?

Utilize the good, better, best approach with your customers. Consider offering tri-blends as an upgrade over the traditional 100% cotton or 50/50 cotton/polyester blends. You can list the reasons why it makes sense to choose a higher value garment and even have a sample for them to feel themselves! Explaining options to your customer makes them feel comfortable, and it shows you are the expert who’s willing to take time to determine what’s best for them. You will build trust with your customer, and it will make all the difference in your business. Offering these options gives you an advantage over your competition and will help bring customers back for repeat orders.

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