STAHLS' New Sun Activated UV Shift HTV

Let Your Creativity Shine Bright with New Color Changing HTV

We’re so excited for the launch of our new special effect material: CAD-CUT® UV Shift Heat Transfer Vinyl. This color changing HTV is truly something magical—once it’s exposed to sun/UV light, it changes from matte white to a stunning, vibrant color! It’s available in Blue, Magenta, Violet, and Yellow by the roll or in custom transfer services if you don’t own a vinyl cutter.

UV Shift is the perfect addition to your apparel decorating business just in time to complete those spring and summer orders! It’s easy to weed, easy to apply, and has a hot peel to keep production flowing smoothly. Don’t wait for the seasons to change before grabbing your orders of color changing HTV.

See This Color Changing HTV in Action

Before being exposed to sun/UV light.

Use one color or all four available colors to create a design that looks basic but changes to a vibrant, multi-colored look in seconds! Pair this sun-activated HTV with another special effect material for an even more unique look.

Colors activate when taken outside.

STAHLS’ Product Specialist, Sarah Gulock, said it best, “Once the material is taken out of UV light, the colors will start to fade and turn back to their original white color. The longer it’s exposed to UV light, the longer it’ll take for the colors to turn white again. Think of it like you’re “charging” the material – the longer you let it charge, the longer it’ll last.”

Close up of CAD-CUT UV Shift color changing HTV after sun/UV light exposure.

Top to Bottom: UV Shift Blue, Metallic Gold, UV Shift Magenta, UV Shift Violet, & UV Shift Yellow.

Now that you’ve seen how great this solar-reactive HTV looks when applied, check out the video below. Kelly takes you through how easy it is to create a mixed-media design using UV Shift and our other popular special effect material, CAD-CUT® Metallic. Get ready to wow your customers with one-of-a-kind designs perfect for T-shirts, hoodies, children’s clothing, and so much more.

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