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Get Ready for Spring Sports with STAHLS’

We know it’s hard to think about spring when it’s still winter, but now is the time to start preparing for spring sports. Do you have uniform decoration options for baseball, lacrosse, softball, and soccer already lined up? With so many materials to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and behind on taking orders. Get ahead of the game this season and let us take care of the heavy hitting.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the garment fabrics you’ll be applying to. This is important for a successful heat application and a winning game plan for you and your teams. It will also help you choose the correct heat transfer vinyl when placing your order. Determine the fabric of the jersey first, then you can move on to material selection.

spring sports
heat transer materials


You can use a variety of CAD-CUT® Heat Transfer Vinyl for uniforms. CAD-CUT® SportFilm Lite™ heat transfer vinyl is great for lacrosse uniforms. It’s a durable, versatile HTV that can apply to many fabrics including nylon. SportFilm Lite™ covers the bases with the most popular jersey fabrics: cotton, polyester, and nylon. It can also be used with baseball or softball uniform applications, and you can order by the roll or in STAHL’S Letter & Number services. To save time, order Pre-Spaced Text & Numbers – they arrive pre-aligned on a carrier for easier placement and are also available in perforated effects.

Baseball & Softball

For teams that want an embroidered look, SimStitch® provides the perfect heat applied solution. SimStitch® is ideal for button-up baseball or softball jerseys. It’s made from Poly-TWILL™, has simulated zig-zag stitching along the edges, and does not require sewing for permanent application. Simply heat apply to cotton or polyester uniforms for an authentic look that will stand out on gameday. Because there are so many types of baseball and softball uniforms, there are many different STAHLS’ services you can utilize. Check out our post from last year for more ways you can win when decorating baseball uniforms


Soccer uniforms need a heat transfer vinyl with a low application temperature, soft hand, and high stretch and rebound. These jerseys are generally polyester, lightweight, and have a flexibility component. You need a material that will perform. Once you find a quality heat transfer vinyl, you can use the same material for multiple placements. Soccer uniforms are a perfect canvas for upselling. Check out our Soccer Decorating Playbook for placement ideas and inspiration. 

Applying a thick, stiff heat transfer vinyl will be uncomfortable and ruin the look. Premium Plus heat transfer vinyl is an excellent choice for soccer uniforms. It applies at a low temperature, features superior stretch and rebound, and feels incredibly soft. After you determine the best material for your sport, it’s time to start thinking personalization.

jersey numbers

Numbers are a key component to a successful uniform. Every jersey needs a number. Begin to think of the number styles you can offer based what teams, schools, or clubs that are ordering. It’s important to offer customers a selection of popular numbers without overwhelming them into indecision. We have so many styles designed for the sports market, so here are the top 10 suggested number styles for each of the spring sports. This is a powerful tool to show customers what you can do for their team and proves your business is in the big leagues.

player names

There’s nothing quite like receiving your jersey and turning it around to see your name and number on the back. That experience is one of our favorite things about partnering with Nike for the NFL Draft each year. For spring sports, we make it easy to pair a name and number and bring a smile to a player’s face.

Pre-Cut Letters & Numbers are the most economical way to create team uniforms. Simply order the letters you need and align them on the jersey. Because pre-cut letters and numbers are so cost effective, you can stock up and create an inventory for on-demand personalization. We also offer tools that help with layout, making alignment quick and easy every time.

Pre-Spaced Text & Numbers are the fastest way to personalize jerseys with player names. You can upload your roster online for quick ordering and organizing, and you can also save rosters for reorders. Spring is busy season. Don’t waste valuable production time cutting and weeding names, let us send them to you pre-aligned and ready to press! This is a huge time saver for uniform decoration. We even offer Pre-Spaced SimStitch® text to add the look an embroidered name in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional embroidery.

For more information on how to decorate sports uniforms, check out the Help and Education section of our website. Be sure to download the Team Decorator Catalog – a must have sports decorating playbook jam-packed with tips and uniform suggestions for every sport.

We also offer individual Decorating Guides based on specific sports.

Every Season. Every Sport. Look to STAHLS’ for all of your heat printing needs.

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