Vacation Unsalted

Submitted by: Cara Cherry, Public Relations

Who doesn’t love a good vacation? There’s nothing like getting away and enjoying time with your family. A few weeks ago, my family and I stayed in a cabin not far from Ludington, MI. After a day spent on the white sand beach and playing in the lovely unsalted water of Lake Michigan, we decided to check out the shops and get souvenirs for the kids.

While postcards and snow globes are nice, I have truly come to appreciate the T-shirt and the people who sell them. We walked past a variety of small town shops before we came to Gordy’s Skate Shop.

Gordy’s has been in business for more than 20 years and they sell more than just skateboards and equipment. They sell T-shirts galore and heat print them while you wait. I always like to see what equipment people are using in their shops and the first thing I noticed as I walked through the door is that they had TWO Hotronix® Fusion heat presses right behind the counter!

After browsing the store and looking at all the transfers on the wall, I selected two blank shirts for my kids and headed up to the counter to place my order. The wall behind the counter was lined with templates and designs that could be ordered as is or customized if required.

As I selected two designs, I spoke with Robin Gesswein who owns the store with her husband, the infamous Gordy. I asked her if she liked her Fusion and she raved about it! After owning two Hotronix® Swingers, they had decided to replace one with the Fusion. It worked so well that they bought a second one. The space behind their counter is a little tight, so the multifunction heat press is perfect because it allows them to use one as a draw and one as a swing-away.

I also asked Robin about the types of products that she uses and she proceeded to tell me that they purchase all of their heat transfer materials, custom CAD-CUT® products, and equipment from Stahls’ ID Direct and their screen printed transfers are ordered from Stahls’ Transfer Express. Robin was even wearing a new lighthouse design, cut into the word Ludington, featuring Fashion-FILM™ Electric heat transfer material in Prism.

If you’re anywhere near Ludington then there are two important stops that you must make – House of Flavors for yummy ice cream and Gordy’s Skate Shop for your own Ludington T-shirt.

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