Tip Jar: Decorating Motocross Jerseys with Heat Transfer Material

by Courtney Matlick, Stahls’ CAD-CUT® Direct

Decorating sublimated jerseys, such as those for motocross, can be a challenge.  The dyes in the fabric can make a simple task like adding a name and number to the jersey a nightmare.  Since sublimated jerseys are created by heating up the fabric so that the inks can dye the fibers, you have to be careful when decorating these garments with a heat press so that the dyes don’t end up making it into your design (or onto your heat press).

One way to keep the dyes from migrating is to use a sub-block or metallic heat transfer material that will block the dyes from coming through.  In this video, Josh Ellsworth will show you how to decorate 4 different motocross jerseys from start to finish and start making more money.

What other sublimated jerseys are you decorating?

Video: How To Create Motocross Jerseys

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