What to Use When: Full Color Digital Transfers

Digital Goes Where Other Decorating Methods Can’t

If you tuned in to the live Making It Together with Josh on April 30, you got to see him tackle some pretty challenging garments using STAHLS’ products and services. In this post, we’re highlighting how to use your heat press and one of our most popular heat printing services to create a standout jacket perfect for teams or clubs.

When decorating a higher-end item, like a jacket, choosing a higher-end product leaves more room for profit. CAD-PRINTZ® Full Color Digital Transfers are a great choice when decorating lower quantity orders with the same logo or design in 4 or more colors. They’re perfect for team and spirit wear — giving team logos a vibrant full color look in a single layer application, and are available in the highly requested glitter finish.

CAD-PRINTZ® Transfers also allow you to decorate unique areas hard to achieve with screen printing and embroidery. Go beyond the norms of traditional garment decorating and see how far you can push your heat press and creativity. Follow the steps below to quickly achieve a unique and premium look in minutes.

What You Need:

How To Apply:

  1. Preheat press to 300°F
  2. Lay heat printing pillow on bottom platen and thread jacket over — zipper will sink into pillow for smooth application
  3. Center transfer between zipper and pocket facing down — make sure it’s straight
  4. Cover design and apply for full application – Time: 10-15 sec, Pressure: Medium, Peel: Hot

Watch this quick video to see Josh create a unique look in a few simple steps.

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