How To: Decorate Workout Essentials with Popular HTV

Easily Decorate Yoga Mats with the Ultimate Heat Transfer Vinyl

With so many gyms and fitness instructors now offering online classes, the demand for home gym equipment and accessories is at an all-time high. Keep your customers looking good while feeling good by offering personalized items beyond workout apparel.

Foam yoga mats are an ideal accessory for any fitness class and offer the perfect blank canvas for custom designs or names. Since these mats are made from foam, which is an extremely delicate material, it’s important to use HTV that can apply at a low temperature. Our new innovative product, CAD-CUT® UltraWeed™ HTV, is the perfect choice for decorating a variety of heat-sensitive materials. Combined with a few key heat printing tools, you’ll be able to create a custom yoga mat in minutes.

What You Need:

How to Apply:

  1. Preheat press to 260°F and position mat on lower platen
  2. Place UltraWeed™ design face down on mat – make sure it’s straight
  3. Cover with Flexible Application Pad and press – Time: 22 sec, Pressure: Medium, Peel: Hot. Because Pad was used, time was increased by 10 sec.

Watch the short video below as Jenna shows you how easy it is to heat apply a yoga mat.

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