21 Heat Printing Trends to Sell in 2021

21 Heat Printing Trends to Sell in 2021

This last year brought out a new level of resilience in our apparel decorating community and made us think in new and creative ways to adjust and market our business. In order to be successful, you must step up your game and actively promote your products online. To help you capture these opportunities, we’ve put together 21 Heat Printing Trends to Sell in 2021.

Our team created these looks using the most popular apparel and innovative heat transfer materials. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing new videos that showcase 7 hot markets you should be selling to, how each look was made, and the tools you need to promote online. Our first video in the series will be published on STAHLS’ YouTube channel today and on each weekday for 21 days! Subscribe to our channel and turn on your notifications so you won’t miss each video as the team shows off ways to use our hottest materials to create looks your customers will love and tips to kick-start your business in the new year. We’ll also be recapping the looks at the end of each week in a blog post—so make sure you’re signed up to receive an email when the posts publish!

So seriously, get ready to steal these top heat printing trends and help your business reach new heights in the new year.

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