Get Creative with Unique Placements using Quick Change Platens

It’s time to get creative – decorate beyond traditional apparel and standard placements with Quick Change Platens!

Saving time for your business is just as important as making a profit. With STAHLS’ Quick Change Platens, you can achieve both while also offering your customers high-end decorated apparel they won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Here’s a few reasons why Quick Change Platens are beneficial to your business:

  • Simple Change Lever – Easily interchangeable and allow you to decorate bags, shoes, hats, youth garments, and more! Simply swap out the platen for the type of job/garment you’re decorating for for a guaranteed smooth and even print area.
  • Threadability™ – Load any item onto the lower platen without restrictions. Easily thread your garment for fast, accurate production and say goodbye to uneven pressure.
  • Unique Production Value – With all the available platen options, start thinking outside the box for decoration ideas. They’re a great way to increase profit by furthering your heat applying ability. When we say non-traditional decoration methods, you might think backpacks, tote bags, can koozies, or headbands. Each Quick Change Platen can be used in ways you might not originally expect.
    • Pro Tip: Use the Hat Bill Platen to decorate face masks, polo or shirt collars, or fanny packs/belt bags.

Most Popular Quick Change Platens

Tag Along™ HP Platen – gives you the ability to perform two heat applications at the same time – full fronts and tagless labels

*A patented design of Livingston Systems

6″ x 10″ Quick Change Platen — ideal for left chest & hoodie pockets

11″ x 15″ Quick Change Platen — for women & children’s apparel – “MVP”

Check out this handy chart below and find out which platens are compatible with your heat press!

Get Inspired

Ultimately, it’s easy to get creative when you have over a dozen platens to choose from. You can confidently say Yes! to any job that comes your way! Your customers will love the ability to request unique placements and apparel offerings, and you’ll build your brand along the way! Finally, to learn more heat printing ideas, check out the video below.

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8 thoughts on “Get Creative with Unique Placements using Quick Change Platens”

  1. do you have a platen for lunch bags that would fit on my hat press?

  2. Hi Lynne, thanks for reading along! Unfortunately, our platens are not compatible with Geo Knight presses. The mounting pin on our platens are only compatible with our Hotronix heat presses.

  3. Hi Donna! Thanks for reading along. Unfortunately our platens are only compatible with our Hotronix heat press machines.

  4. Hi Paula! Thanks for reading along. Depending on the size of your lunch bag, you may be able to “thread” the lunch bag around some of our smaller hat platens if you have the older Cap Press. The 360 IQ may work as well, but it will depend on the side of the lunch bag!

  5. Been doing my research for your A2Z heat press. I have decided to buy it, So my Question is , Will the A2Z heat press inter change with all the different platen’s that you are showing ? Will the A2Z be an 16×20 platform? Please respond as soon as possible, so that I can finish ordering my A2Z

  6. Hi Terry. Unfortunately, the interchangeable platens are NOT compatible with the A2Z press. The A2Z has a 15×15 footprint and has a different pin on the bottom platen compared to our other platens in this post. At this time, we only offer a 6×10 platen that is compatible with the A2Z. You can read more about this press here under the “details” tab!

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