Introducing TwillStitchPro PLUS™

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By Juliet Kalmeta

Introducing TwillStitchPro PLUS. Finally…a program that simplifies creating an appliqué sew file for vector/cut files and includes an automated feature for Stahls’ Auto Stitch letters and numbers! That’s right! Type in a word, name, sentence, etc., and TwillStitchPro PLUS™ will automate the stitch sequence in 3 simple steps! The program also includes 152 directed embroidered fonts, Stahls’ appliqué shapes, and 43 different stitch types! E-mail me at for a free demo link or view our online training videos.

TwillStitchPro PLUS™ Features Tutorial

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2 thoughts on “Introducing TwillStitchPro PLUS™”

  1. Hello – question before I buy protwill plus – can i use the auto stitch letters to create my cut file to cut the twill as well as sew it??

  2. Hi Brian,

    TwillStitchPro PLUS is for generating sew files only. When purchasing Auto-Stitch letters and numbers from Stahls’, TwillStitchPro PLUS can be used to generate sew files.

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