Tip Jar: Decorating Apparel with Foil

by Courtney Matlick, CAD-CUT®Direct

While shopping last weekend, I was excited to see all of the new spring clothing trends. Being from Pennsylvania, the sign of Spring’s arrival in clothing stores always helps lighten the mood this time of year and brings the best out of our wallets.  The bright colors in retail stores were refreshing along with the added shine and glitter effects in the garments.  One element that has made a strong presence in Spring lines is foil.  Many apparel decorators are looking for ways to produce unique foil effects to create fresh, one-of-a-kind garments.

In this week’s Tip Jar, check out how simple and easy it is to create these stunning foil designs using only our new ExactPrint™ laser transfer paper and Heat Transfer Foil.  This new innovative transfer paper will allow you to inexpensively create premium foil garments and make lots of money!

Looking for more ways to decorate apparel with foil? Check out our webinar: Five Ways to Print Apparel with Foil

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