Create the fastest player name sew files ever!

by Juliet Kalmeta

TwillStitchPro Plus™
TwillStitchPro Plus™

Do you create sew files for player names and numbers?  Do you use the Auto Stitch letters and numbers from Stahls’ ID Direct™?  Do you find the process of using the Auto Stitch or Sew File Collection CD time consuming?  The solution you’ve been waiting for is TwillStitchPro™ Plus!

What’s the difference between using the CD’s vs. the TwillStitchPro™ Plus software program?

Auto Stitch / Sew File Collection

  • You must browse the CD and open each sew file individually (we are talking a single file for each letter, size, # of layers, and stitch type…that’s a lot to browse through!
  • Your digitizing software must have editing capabilities.
  • You may have to Copy & Paste each file onto a single page in your digitizing program.
  • You’ll have to make sure the characters have the correct amount of space between each one and make sure their straight.
  • If the text needs to be arced, it is done manually.


TwillStitchPro™ Plus

  • Simply scrolls through a list of options that include the size, # of layers, and stitch type all together…so much easier!
  • Use your keyboard to type the text all together…It’s digitized as a whole within seconds.
  • Cuts digitizing time by 80%…way faster!
  • Automated arcing…it’s just the click of a button!
  • It’s not just a CD containing sew files….it’s a program!  It can do a bunch of cool stuff!
  • It only costs $499!  That’s almost the equivalent cost of 13 sew disks…it will pay for itself in little time!


If you currently use a lot of Auto Stitch or are looking for the easiest solution to creating sew files for player names and numbers…TwillStitchPro Plus is your answer!

Free demo version and video tutorials are available here.


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