Easy Three-Color Numbers

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing


You may have noticed a few new fonts available in Stahls’ Pre-Spaced Numbers. We now offer gap outline numbers in some of our most popular fonts. Pro Block Gap Outline, Team US Gap Outline, and Varsity Gap Outline have joined the ranks. When you order these fonts you’ll receive one-color, two-piece numbers with a solid inner section and an outline separated by, as the name implies, a gap.

But I have a little secret for you!  Say you ordered Team US Gap Outline Pre-Spaced Numbers in navy Thermo-GRIP®. To create a unique three-color number (inner number, background color in gap, and outline), you can simply remove the inner number, apply the navy outline, then use a heat press to apply a red Team US Pre-Cut Number inside the outline.  In other words, the inner numbers of our gap outline fonts are the same size as Pre-Cut numbers in the matching font.

Now great-looking three-color numbers are easy to create and apply in a simple two-step process.  Feel free to tell as many people as you want – it’s not really a secret.


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2 thoughts on “Easy Three-Color Numbers”

  1. I’m looking at the varsity gap outline numbers. I’m putting them on a black garment and want the number to be (from inside to outside) vegas gold, gap (black show thru), white. How do I order this?

  2. Hi Brenda,

    To accomplish this, you’ll need to order both Pre-Spaced and Pre-Cut Numbers:

    1. Go to our Pre-Spaced Numbers page and order the numbers you need in White Varsity Gap Outline in the material of your choice (we recommend ordering your Pre-Spaced and Pre-Cut numbers in the same material – see step #2 for a list of materials available in Vegas Gold)

    2. Go to our Pre-Cut Numbers page and order packs of the foreground numbers you’ll need, in Varsity font. Vegas Gold is available in both Pre-Spaced and Pre-Cut numbers in Fashion-FILM, Gorilla GRIP II, SportFilm Lite, and Super Film. Make sure you order the same size numbers in Pre-Spaced and Pre-Cut (for example, 8″ Pre-Cuts will fit within the gap outline of 8″ Pre-Spaced numbers).

    3. When your order arrives, remove the inner number from your White Pre-Spaced number, leaving just the outline, and apply it to a black shirt. Place the Vegas Gold Pre-Cut number inside the gap outline, and heat press it. You can see how this is done in the video, Getting Creative with Gap Outline Heat Transfer Numbers.

    You now have a three color number, with Vegas Gold on the inside, a Black gap, and a White outline.

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