Thermo-FLOCK® Flashback

by Elaine Sables

Cooper Font Style in Thermo-FLOCK

My mom took me to the local T-shirt decorator in Dearborn, Michigan. With my pupils enlarged with excitement, I looked up at a grand wall of stock transfers and pre-cut letters. My mom let me order my first custom decorated T-shirt! The heat transfer was a full color, glittery image. I ordered Thermo-FLOCK® Cooper letters arched around it. I was the most unique little girl in town. I had my very own one-of-a-kind shirt!

Little did I realize that years later, I would learn that Stahls’ invented those heat transferable pre-cut letters in 1976! It’s funny how life comes full circle. Now, my own children share that same amazement when they customize their own shirts.

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