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Learn which team sports are on the rise and which are declining.

By Paul Sabatini

The sporting goods industry is made up of an extremely diverse and large market. As a result, recognizing emerging trends in participation within the sports and recreational activity market is important.

According to the SGMA’s Sports, Fitness and Recreation Participation Overview (2010 edition) team sports participation continues to erode.

Here are some helpful stats for you to use when focusing on team sports.

Some continued to show notable declines in participants in 2009.

  • baseball (down 7.9%)
  • football (down 11.7%)
  • basketball (down 8.6%)

More promising trends:

  • soccer (up 4.7%)
  • lacrosse (up 6.2%)
  • ice hockey (up 12.2%)
  • cheerleading (grown 15.2% since 1988)

*Data was taken from Team Business April/May 2010

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One thought on “Team Sports News”

  1. I enjoyed this information regarding sports and the participation changes…My daughter has been cheering since the 4th grade and will soon enter college life as a cheerleader. My son is currently on a golf team, baseball team, and works out at the gym everyday. He has played basketball, football and ran track from grade 4 through 12. I’m surprised about the basketball decline – it’s such a passionate game. Keep up the good articles, I like it! 🙂

    Thanks, Lisa Salamone

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