The Truth About Direct to Film Printing

DTF printing is a huge buzzword in the industry right now, and for good reason. The results that can be achieved are amazing! You may remember when DTG printing was all the rage and many garment decorators rushed out to buy the equipment and supplies needed to create their own. You might also remember that it didn’t work out very well for so many of those small businesses. The truth is, the same thing is happening right now with DTF printing, and with such a new technology, it’s important to be aware of the pitfalls of owning your own equipment before you jump in and make a huge investment.

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Ready to learn more? Keep reading for the Top 5 Reasons you should choose DTF transfers right now instead of a DTF printer.


1. Investment

Investing in the equipment, supplies, and the overhead needed to safely produce DTF transfers is very expensive. Save money by ordering transfers and make more immediate profit on every order.

2. Quality Control

Avoid the headaches of adjusting settings and trial and error. Investing in transfers ensures color management and consistent quality across every job, with no waste or added cost to your business.

3. Production Speed

Save printing time, only worry about heat applying. No maintenance means no downtime, so you’ll never lose valuable production time or say no to jobs due to broken equipment.

4. Shop & Worker Safety

Owning DTF equipment requires maintaining safety codes and protocols, as well as having the proper personal protective equipment and fume management systems in place. The safety of your shop and employees should be a top priority, and DTF transfers are 100% safe before, during, and after production.

5. Operator Training

It’s tough enough finding good help these days. Don’t spend any extra time or resources looking for skilled labor. With DTF transfers, your operator only knows how to use a heat press. And if they don’t, you can train them in minutes!


With so many potential pain points, you can see why it makes more sense for your business to outsource your DTF printing to the experts at STAHLS’. With 90 years and counting of industry leading experience, we’ve invested the time, research, and development needed produce affordable, top-quality DTF transfers that you can use to decorate with speed, confidence, and consistency! 

DTF Transfer Benefits:

  • No overhead & equipment cost
  • No waste or safety issues
  • Zero maintenance or tech support
  • Consistent production quality & supply
  • Quick turnaround

Make the right decision for your business. Save time and money. Order ready-to-apply UltraColor® MAX Direct-to-Film transfers today – they’ll ship tomorrow!*

*Orders over $600 may require additional production time

  • Vibrant & highly detailed designs
  • No color limitations – including gradients
  • No outlines or borders
  • See-through carrier for easy positioning
  • Lightweight, stretchable, soft feel
  • Low temp application to prevent scorching
  • Affordable cost, low order minimum
  • Fast shipping

Watch this video to learn how you can take your business to the next level with just one product – UltraColor® MAX.

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    Greetings from me!! Can you tell what printer will be better for my home use? I want to run a new T-shirt printing business in my home. and then supply my local market.

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