SimStitch – The Look of Embroidery Without the Hassle

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Custom logo cut in SimStitch.

When I first started at Stahls’ and was being introduced to the various products (it went something like, “Products, this is Matt; Matt, these are products”), I was probably most impressed with SimStitch®. I own a few customized hockey jerseys and actually checked inside them to see if the letters and numbers were indeed embroidered – it’s actually that difficult to tell the difference between embroidery and SimStitch.

If you’re unfamiliar with the product, SimStitch is our Perma-TWILL® fabric (100% polyester tackle twill material  with a permanent adhesive backing) with simulated stitching, recreating the look of embroidery. Letters and numbers feature simulated zig zag stitching, but easily apply with a heat press – no sewing required.


We recently sent out an email promoting the fact that SimStitch isn’t just for letters and numbers. Custom cut logos can now be ordered in SimStitch, giving your garments the look of appliqué without the expense and labor associated with embroidery. In this email, we featured a baseball jersey with a SimStitch “Outlaws” logo. Having seen and felt the jersey myself, I still can’t believe it’s not embroidered. Even up close, the logos and letters have the look of genuine embroidery.

In addition to letters, numbers, and custom cut logos, SimStitch is available in twill name bars and in our Custom Made Easy offerings (which also offer sublimated SimStitch).

Keep SimStitch in mind when a customer wants a more classic look for their jerseys, shirts, or caps. It can also prove to be valuable for customers who want the look of embroidery but are on a tight budget, or other times when traditional embroidery isn’t an option due to quantities, time constraints, or workload.

With the many options available, SimStitch is a perfect way to offer your customer even more choices for their decorated garments.

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