The Heat Printing 4th Day of Christmas

The Heat Printing Twelve Days of Christmas

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… 4 CAD-PRINTZ full color digital transfers!

My true love knows that screen printing isn’t practical (or cost-efficient) for short runs or for designs with a lot of colors. So, on the fourth day of Christmas, he gave me four CAD-PRINTZ™ full color digital transfers.

Not only will these help my customers, but they allow me to use a heat press to apply my own business’ logo to almost any item, like koozies, umbrellas, hats, and bags. You name it, I can slap my logo on it.  This was especially hard for me before because my logo looks like what would happen if a paint truck drove off an overpass. It has yellow fading into green, fading into blue, fading into purple – with red polka dots and my business name printed in a color that can only be described as “brellow.” With CAD-PRINTZ I can get all of those colors, including fades and patterns, for one low price, with no per-color fees.

My true love is also savvy enough to know that he could order four transfers at an economical price. Screen printing my logo not only limited the number of colors I could use, it just wasn’t cost-effective for small orders.  With CAD-PRINTZ, I can get the design I want with low minimums. Now I’m not forced to order more transfers than I need, in colors that I don’t want.

CAD-PRINTZ also allow me to spice up personalized sports jerseys with number effects. Now, instead of boring old monotone numbers, I can add plaid, camouflage, animal prints, or other patterns to the numbers I apply. There are even sport-themed effects, in case one of my younger customers forgets what game he’s playing (usually, the younger the kid, the more likely they are to forget). So now when junior starts running to first base he can look down at his number and remember that he’s playing soccer. And with camouflage numbers, the opposition will never see him coming. Great-looking and useful – you can’t beat that.

This introduction to CAD-PRINTZ is the gift that will keep on giving all year long.


Home stretch! I wonder what I’ll get on the third day of Christmas?

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