The Big 3: Top Blog Posts of 2015

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Stahls' Blog 2015 Top PostsThis year we covered a lot of ground in the Stahls’ blog, from trade show news, to new number styles, to tips for beginning heat printers. There’s more to come in 2016, so if you haven’t already, subscribe to the Stahls’ blog and get the latest in heat printing news you can use.

Continuing our look back at 2015, today we cover the three most popular blog posts of the year.

Number 3: Heat Print Popular Spirit Jerseys
One of the first posts of the year visited the college campus to see the year’s hottest trend, the oversized spirit jersey shoulder-to-shoulder billboard crew… or whatever you want to call it. The look is popular with beach bums, tourists, sorority girls, and everyone in-between. For more information on how to capitalize on this hot trend, check out this video, Heat Printing Oversized Shirts with Pre-Cuts and this Stahls’ TV Guide to Oversized. And stay tuned in 2016 – a little elf tells us that another blog post on the subject is in the works.

Number 2: 10 Ideas for Holiday Heat Printing
Number 2 on our list is a recent addition, suggesting some great gifts created with a heat press. There’s something for everyone on your list, from the baby (a onesie) to the baker (a holiday apron) to the barker (a dog shirt). Readers not only embraced the suggestions we made, but were inspired to come up with their own twists.

The most popular post of the year was (drumroll, please)…

Number 1: Most Popular Heat Printing Accessories
Every heat printer needs a heat press machine, a design, and the desire to create a winning product, but there’s more to it than that. Just like the stage crew of a play, heat printing accessories work behind the scenes to ensure that the end product thrills the audience. From cover sheets and Thermo Tape that make your design look great to platen protectors that keep your machine operating smoothly, the infographic in this post lays out the 7 accessories essential to successful heat printing.

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