Best of 2015: Oversized Shirts

by Melissa Summers, Marketing


After covering the best new font of the year, the best innovation of the year, and the best new product of the year, today we turn our sights on the trends that keep your company going.

The top trend of 2015 is the oversized shirt.

They go by lots of names: oversized tees, billboard crews, spirit jerseys, game-day jerseys, etc. But whatever you call them, they were popular  this year. With large shoulder-to-shoulder prints and an oversized, relaxed fit, this trend is ideal for spirit wear, and collegiate apparel. This hot look is easy to create with a heat press and pre-cut letters.

Want to learn more about this trend? Check out Stahls’ TV’s Comprehensive Guide to Oversized for all the details and a helpful tutorial to help you take on this trend.

Honorable Mention:
Athleisure and Performance Wear: Athleisure, defined as “casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use,” hit a trend milestone with Merriam-Webster announcing the word will be added to their dictionary. Performance wear was everywhere this year at ISS Orlando as well and decorators who have gone ‘all in’ are reaping the benefits in sales. Check out this blog post for suggestions on how to maximize sales in the lucrative athleisure market.

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