Ugly Christmas Sweater Turns Heads, Stops Pucks

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing


Jimmy Howard Ugly Christmas Sweater Mask
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Ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage these days. We even created one with heat printing and showed you the results. The fad has spawned special parties, runs, golf outings, and now even goalie masks.
This December Jimmy Howard of the Detroit Red Wings is wearing a mask adorned with all the elements you’d expect to find on a truly festive sweater. The crown of the matte-finish helmet features “knit” Christmas trees, while the sides have rows of reindeer and Santa faces. On the left side of the mask a gingerbread man peeks out.

Last year Howard donned a Santa Claus mask, while fellow Wings goalie Petr Mrazek wore a snowman (this year his mask features Rudolph). Both masks were auctioned for charity, and the same is expected of this year’s versions.

If you’re looking to customize hockey sweaters (not of the ugly Christmas variety) with the name of your customer’s favorite player, don’t forget that Stahls’ offers officially licensed NHL®/NHLPA® jersey kits.


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