Learn Why Your Business Deserves the Best DTF

Direct to film technology continues to dominate the landscape when it comes to heat printing apparel. There’s still huge potential for decorators to capitalize on the capabilities of DTF transfers, but there are also lot of duplicates, knockoffs, and low-quality options on the market. It’s important to know what to look for so you’re making the best decision for your business.

When direct to film is done right, it’s simple, fast, and consistent. Unfortunately, decorators are finding out that’s not the experience with every supplier. Don’t let bad DTF cause problems with print quality, waste time with cold peeling, or leave any doubts about your finished product. It’s possible to decorate with confidence using a DTF transfer that you can count on. With UltraColor MAX™, you will experience no-hassle, high-quality prints, every time.

Not All DTF is Created Equal

Word of mouth advertising and repeat customers are a critical part of running a successful business. Why risk your reputation with grainy, poorly printed DTF transfers? You don’t have to settle for banding, coarse colors, or faulty registration that makes even the best art look bad.

See how UltraColor MAX™ stacks up against the competition. Take a look at a side by side comparison below. From color vibrancy and opacity to fine detail and gradients, there are some clear differences between the two DTF transfers.

Can you see any differences between these two DTF transfers?

Does anything stand out to you? Focus on the areas notated with red arrows.

Did you spot the banding in the donut? There are faint lines running horizontally in the pink color.

Do you notice the grainy gradients in helmet and driver shadow details. The blueish-green helmet and driver skin tone shadow details aren’t smooth.

Can you see the lack of detail in the text? The font is bulky and lacks detail in the letters.

Notice there’s no banding here, with a richer and bolder pink color in the donut.

See the helmet colors transition seamlessly with a smooth fade between the blue-green, as well as deeper, more realistic shadow in the skin tone.

The text here has more detail, with more defined lines including a distressed effect.

Stay in the Know!

Don’t be duped by imitators with inferior products! You don’t have to waste time waiting for your transfers to cool down or use a blow dryer to speed up the process. Forget multiple application steps or high temps that scorch your blank apparel.

Learn more about what to look for in DTF transfers so you can achieve the finish that your business deserves and your customers demand. See the differences in action in this video!

One Solution for More Orders

Take the guesswork out of ordering so you can simply heat press and profit. Whether it’s T-shirts and hoodies, jackets and outerwear, hats, bags, or totes, direct to film transfers allow decorators to expand their potential and generate sales across more market opportunities with full color finishes.

UltraColor MAX™ is that go-to DTF solution for apparel decorators. With no minimum order and fast shipping, it’s easy to quickly fulfill more orders and create more profit using only one product. You can streamline production with a fast, one-step, low temp, and hot peel transfer that applies to a variety of fabrics in seconds, with lab-tested durability for 50+ washes.

No Designer? No Problem!

Decorators can also take advantage of the free Easy View® LTE online designer to easily create custom designs for DTF transfers. There’s no graphic design skills needed! Easy View® LTE makes designing a breeze, specifically tailored for UltraColor MAX™ without any complicated ordering or time-consuming steps.

Can’t draw a stick figure? No worries. Choose from the extensive collection of 10,000+ pieces of clipart, 7,000+ customizable layouts, and 200+ fonts to easily create personalized designs for any customer request.

Even Lower Price Benefits!

It gets even better! We’ve updated the UltraColor MAX™ pricing structure so you can save even more money on bigger orders. With our new pricing, the cost starts at $0.06 per square inch and drops as low as $0.04 per square inch as you order more.

Take Your DTF to the MAX! See the UltraColor MAX™ Advantage:

  • Vibrant Colors – No Banding & Smooth Gradients
  • Hot Peel – No Blow Dryer Needed
  • Fast Shipping
  • Simple Application – Single Step Press
  • Lab Tested Durability – 50+ Washes
  • Low Temp – Safe for Performance Wear

Ready to learn more? Join us for a virtual webinar on April 11th at 2:00pm to find out how the right DTF will expand your custom T-shirt business. You’ll learn more details about boosting efficiency with a hot peel, the differences between single image and gang sheets, benefits of the free online DTF transfer designer, and more time-saving tips!

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2 thoughts on “Learn Why Your Business Deserves the Best DTF”

  1. 100% or 98% a Stahls customer. but on an occasion it’s not operator error that I get told by Stahls. some times DTF is flawed and this destroys my confidence in the product. I’ve had several issues when it’s just white, one color imprint

  2. Hi Doug, thanks for reading along. We appreciate the feedback and your commitment to STAHLS’ products. Depending on your art, apparel fabric, placement, etc., there might be a better option for your one-color white prints. We’ll have your territory rep reach out to discuss in more detail, thanks again for subscribing to the blog!

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