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Top Decoration Markets for UltraColor MAX!

UltraColor™ MAX is the future of heat printing, and it’s available now! These direct to film heat transfers are your one-step solution for creating custom apparel. You can say YES to any job with unlimited color options, no outlines or borders, and vibrant, finely detailed designs. UltraColor MAX also applies at a low temperature to prevent scorching, making it great choice for any garment! And with one consistently low cost, it’s so easy to quickly quote any customer.

With the versatility of UltraColor™ MAX, you can provide custom apparel for so many markets! There’s no need to invest in expensive equipment or deal with complicated printing processes. UltraColor™ MAX direct to film transfers deliver top-quality, consistent results that your customers demand. They are easy to price, order, and apply, so you can confidently decorate for any market with one heat transfer.

Promotional Wear

UltraColor™ MAX transfers are perfect for the promo market. With full color designs at one low cost, you can offer a variety of popular promotional items such as hats, bags, outwear, and more! It’s easy to capitalize on the booming, multi-billion dollar promotional industry with UltraColor™ MAX. Transfers arrive by the sheet, so you can group multiple jobs in one order, and offer low quantities and fast turnarounds for your customers! For more information about decoration trends in the promo industry, check out this post!

Fashion & Small Business

There’s always a high demand for fashionable apparel. UltraColor™ MAX transfers are lightweight, soft, and full color, so it’s easy to apply to the most popular fabrics! Create apparel for small businesses, online retail shops, or consider starting your own clothing line. UltraColor MAX sheets are only a $25 minimum order so you can offer one-offs or take on small quantity jobs. These finely detailed, vibrant transfers look and feel amazing, and allow you to take fashion to the next level!

Sports, School, & Spirit Wear

The local school market has so much decorating potential! UltraColor™ MAX has endless design capabilities so you can create a variety of custom garments for any customer. Students, athletes, parents, and fans all want to show off their spirit. Use UltraColor™ MAX for team gear, spirit and fan wear, clubs, and more! Set yourself apart from the competition with one full color transfer option for all your needs.

Athleisure & Fitness

Polyester performance wear can be difficult to decorate. Don’t shy aware from this market! UltraColor™ MAX transfers apply at a low temperature to prevent scorching heat sensitive fabrics. Fitness and health is a consistent market that you can utilize for your business. Gyms, private trainers, and pilates and yoga centers all have their own logos and cliental. And who doesn’t love a comfy pair of leggings or sweatpants? You can confidently print performance apparel with these transfers. Avoid the dreaded scorch box and supply durable designs, every time.

Check out the video below to learn more about how to use UltraColor™ Transfers when decorating for Promo Markets & Performance Wear. For more info, be sure to register for our upcoming UltraColor MAX Webinar on Thursday, January 27th!

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