Increase Profits with Team or Sport Uniform Orders

By Paul Sabatini

Decorate more than Team Uniforms

In a previous blog I noted the team sports that are on the rise.  I thought I would share some suggestions on how to increase your profits with Soccer and Ice Hockey uniform sales.

First of all it is not just uniforms; you also have accessories, fan wear, and non apparel items.

When you are organizing an order for the local soccer or hockey team, be it high school, recreation, or travel; just don’t stop at the jerseys. With our CAD-PRINTZ full color heat transfer line of products there is no end to what you can decorate or provide.

Some great add on sales (profits) for these types of sports are team stickers for water bottles and water bottle carriers or helmets decals. You can also provide outdoor/indoor fan recognition with non apparel designs using bumper stickers, window decals and banners.  Wall graphics are also great for home or school recognition.

You can also make the coach or manager of the team a shirt for putting in their order with you. I would suggest doing something on the left chest. Once they have the garment and wear it to the field or rink; parents and players will ask them where they got it. CAD-PRINTZ Digital Transfers are great for this.  You can order just one and you have an unlimited amount of colors that only need one application. What I mean is, if your design has 1 or 50 colors in it, you only have one piece of media to apply.  You can even upload your artwork right to us and you’re ready to get started!

All of the mentioned above are great add on sales or opportunities for you to expand your offerings.

Helpful selling tip: When you complete a uniform order for your customer include a small sample on a water bottle or throw in a sticker or window decal of their teams name or logo.  Let them know that you can offer this for them and they will come back to order.

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