Heat Press Transfer Film Customized T-Shirt featuring Tone on Tone Look – TIP JAR

Learn how to use heat press transfer film and a vinyl cutter to create a customized tone on tone t-shirt.

It’s Tip Jar Tuesday!  You may have tuned in last week when we taught you all about cutter blades, if not click here to check it out…

This week we’re putting those blades to use and cutting five different heat applied films on a Roland GX-24 vinyl cutter to customize a unique shirt with a simple message: GO!

I really like this shirt because it displays a tone on tone decorating technique.  This shirt uses 2 tones of black and two finishes; gloss and semi-gloss, all on a matte black shirt.  In addition to these shades of black we also use red, yellow and green – the colors of a stoplight, after all it is a GO themed shirt.

As always the video you’re about to watch features heat transfer films right from the source – Stahls’ CADCUTdirect.com.

The heat press used is our Hotronix Fusion.

Oh, and one more thing…

You’ll see “Tips” throughout the video.  These helpful hints will be a constant when we produce these – they’ll get more advanced.  Subscribe to Stahls’ Blog by entering your email at the top of the right sidebar and get on the list for upcoming Tip Jar posts.  I have a feeling that you may find at least one good tip in this edition…now turn up your speakers (or if you’re by a sleeping baby mute them) and enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “Heat Press Transfer Film Customized T-Shirt featuring Tone on Tone Look – TIP JAR”

  1. Josh,
    You my friend are becoming a ROCK STAR! These videos and tutorials are by far the best on the web. Thanks for all your and your crew’s help.
    Couple of questions on this tip:
    About how long do you hold the shirt to the wall or do you just let the shirt become totally cool to the touch?
    How much of a “feel” does this shirt end up with, considering the multi-layers?
    Are there sample packs available to purchase of these materials to try before making a commitment of 5 yds. of one color?
    Thanks again,

  2. Hi Paul – thanks for the comments and questions…

    As far as the cool down goes, you’re just trying to pull the heat out of it, so whether you hold it up to a wall, place it on a table, window or anything cool it will speed up the process. Typically you can hold it there for 5-10 seconds to pull out the heat.

    Feel of the design – this design doesn’t feel bad at all. The larger coverage area and connected pieces gives it a bit of a heavier feel but we used a heavyweight t-shirt which counterbalances it nicely…I probably wouldn’t stack it up like this on a thin, soft tee.

    Lastly – yes you can actually order any of the materials from us’ in 1 yard pieces. This will make it easy to try some different colors, order on http://www.cadcutdirect.com

  3. Josh:
    As a female, and a black female at that, I find that getting into this business is easy, but watching your videos, reading your blogs and articles make getting to another level so much easier. I have taken so many ideas from your website pimpashirt and modified it to look more urban and street that ideas were just flowing out of me for design ideas. You and everyone at Stahl’s are the best, you are my personal inspiration as a businessperson, and just keep up the good work. When my business, JC Custom Creations starts up and begins to gain momentum, i can say, you were a big part of how to do it right…Thanks and keep it up…PS…Thanks for Stahl’s staying in Michigan!

    Raeann Jones
    JC Custom Creations

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