How to Size T-Shirt Designs + Tips for Unique Placements

Whether you’re just starting out on your apparel decorating journey or you’re a seasoned pro, getting the right T-shirt design sizes and placements can be a bit tricky. Our guide is here to help you nail down the common imprint areas and explore unique locations that can add extra value to your designs. Let’s dive in!

Common Sizes for T-Shirt Designs

Understanding the standard sizes for T-shirt designs is crucial for creating balanced and professional-looking apparel. Here are some common design sizes and their placements:

Full Front Design:

    • Max Imprint Area: 12″ X 14″
    • Placement: Typically 3-3.5″ inches below the collar.

    Full Back Design:

      • Max Imprint Area: 12″ X 14″
      • Placement: Positioned comfortably between the shoulder blades, usually 2-3 inches below the collar.

      Left Chest Design:

        • Imprint Area: 5″ X 5″
        • Placement: 5.5-8 inches down from the shoulder’s left seam and 4-6 inches over from the center.

        Unique Placements for T-Shirt Designs

        Exploring unique placements can add value to your T-shirt designs by utilizing additional print locations, making your apparel more versatile and appealing.

        Here are some ideas:


        Perfect for logos, text, or small graphics, ideal for sports teams and events.

        • Imprint Area: 3.5″ X 3.5″ inches wide
        • Placement: On the upper part of the sleeve.

        Upper Back/ Locker Patch:

        Great for adding branding or small designs, visible from behind.

        • Imprint Area: 4″ X 4″
        • Placement: Just below the neckline.

        Upper Back / Across Shoulders:

        High visibility for branding or messages, perfect for uniforms and sportswear.

        • Imprint Area: 4″ X 14″
        • Placement: Just below the neckline.

        Inside Tag:

        Ideal for branding, care instructions, or sizing.

        • Imprint Area: 3″ X 3″ inches wide
        • Placement: Inside the back collar area.

        Hip Area:

        Adds a trendy and unique element to your design, perfect for subtle branding.

        • Imprint Area: 5″ X 6″
        • Placement: Just above the hemline.

        Tips for Applying Designs

        To ensure your designs look professional and last long, follow these application tips:

        1. Proper Positioning: Ensure your garment is straight on the heat press by aligning the shoulder seams and ensuring the collar is off the edge of the press.
        2. Heat Application: Follow the specific heat transfer instructions for time, temperature, and pressure to ensure a durable and professional application.
        3. Quick Change Platens: Utilize Hotronix® heat presses, which give you the capability to switch out lower platens easily. This feature allows you to add unique placements, speed up your workflow, and handle different garment sizes and styles more efficiently.

        By understanding the common T-shirt design sizes and experimenting with unique placements, you can create standout apparel with added value. Whether you’re designing for a business, event, or personal project, these tips will help you make the most of your apparel decoration efforts. For more detailed guidance, download the Ultimate Guide to Design Size & Placement from STAHLS’.

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