Sublimated Printing with a Heat Press

Sublimation transfers are a great way to decorate polyester garments with your heat press machine. These transfers use specials inks which convert from a solid to a gas when heat pressed. The ink infuses into the garment fibers, transforming back into a solid when cooled and dyeing the polyester. Because of this process, sublimation transfers work best on white or light-colored garments and items. Their benefits are many, including softness and a wide range of colors with little weight on the garment.

Sublimation transfers create full, vibrant colors on light colored garments, offering highly detailed gradients and shading. Multiple colors can be applied in a single layer. For sport performance applications, where a lightweight garment is crucial, sublimation transfers add little weight to the garment. Because sublimation transfers print directly into the garment, the surface texture of the garment does not change. This means that sublimation transfers have the softest hand of any heat application.

In addition to garments, multiple additional products are compatible with sublimation transfers. Mouse pads, coasters, socks, towels, headbands ‒ as long as they are polyester or coated with polyester will work with sublimation transfers. They are economical as well, giving you full color digital transfers for 30% less than Express Print®.

The benefits of printing with sublimation transfers are apparent. Now you can use your heat press to create bold, full color designs that don’t add any weight to the garment, maintaining its soft and flexible characteristics. Sublimation transfers open more possibilities for your business to meet the needs of your customers and create garments they want to buy.

Sublimation transfers are easy to apply with your heat press. Learn how here, or watch below.

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  1. The garments are made specifically for sublimation to withstand high heat, such as Sublivie.

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